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Bookkeeping & BAS Services

But that’s not all, I can also help you with Payroll and superannuation, IAS, PAYG, TPAR Lodgements, EOY finalisations and ATO compliance

Flexible and Affordable Bookkeeping

Hi, I’m Kathryn from Gascoyne Business Solutions and I understand the unique financial needs of businesses in the Gascoyne region. Whether you’re a local business owner or part of our vibrant community, my dedicated services are here to support your financial success.

Bookkeeping: I offer comprehensive bookkeeping services to help you maintain accurate and up-to-date financial records. From data entry to bank reconciliations, I’ve got your back.

Payroll and Superannuation: Ensuring your employees are paid accurately and on time is crucial. I handle payroll processing, superannuation contributions, and compliance, so you can focus on what you do best.

BAS, IAS, PAYG, TPAR Lodgements: I take the complexity out of tax compliance. I am a registered BAS agent who will manage your BAS, IAS, PAYG, and TPAR lodgements efficiently and accurately.

End-of-Year Finalisations: Year-end processes can be overwhelming. I’m here to help you with EOFY finalisations, ensuring you meet all your obligations seamlessly.

ATO Compliance: Stay worry-free when it comes to ATO compliance.

Let Gascoyne Business Solutions be your financial backbone. Contact me today to schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation and take the first step toward financial peace of mind. Your success is my business!

Gascoyne Business Solutions

Why choose Gascoyne Business Solutions?

Gascoyne Business Solutions - local knowledge

Local knowledge

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities of Gascoyne businesses because we live and work here too.


Your financial records are in safe hands. We pride ourselves on maintaining impeccable accuracy in all our work.


ATO compliance can be complex. We keep up-to-date with all regulations, so you don’t have to worry about penalties or fines.

Personalised service

We tailor our services to your specific needs, ensuring you get the support you require, when you need it.

I’m Kathryn, Your Local Expert

I’m a proud Carnarvon local with deep roots in the Gascoyne community. My qualifications speak to my commitment to providing top-notch financial services:

  • Certificate III in Accounts Administration
  • Certificate IV in Bookkeeping & Accounting
  • Diploma of Accounting
  • Registered BAS Agent
  • Xero Certified Advisor & Partner

With Gascoyne Bookkeeping and BAS Services, you’re not just getting financial expertise; you’re getting a trusted partner who knows the Gascoyne region inside out.

Kathryn owner operator Gascoyne Business Solutions
Kathryn Harper Certifications

Financial Wellness Checkup

I understand that managing your bookkeeping, BAS (Business Activity Statement), and accounts can be complex and overwhelming. That’s why my Financial Wellness Checkup is here to help you gain clarity, control, and confidence in your financial affairs. 

Financial Wellness Checkup with Gascoyne Business Solutions

I am here to relieve you of cash flow challenges, offer the support you need, assist in business planning, consulting, and provide management reporting. My goal is to alleviate your stress and facilitate the growth of your business.

I will guide and support you every step of the way, so you can concentrate on the broader vision.

Are you ready to watch your business bloom?


Why is it essential for my business to have a bookkeeper, and what are the benefits of outsourcing this service?

Maintaining well-organised finances is of utmost importance for your business. A proficient bookkeeper can offer a precise financial overview of your enterprise throughout the year. This is crucial for timely tax returns and generating financial reports that might be necessary for banks or investors on short notice. Outsourcing your bookkeeping functions allows both your business and you to concentrate on revenue-generating activities, rather than getting bogged down with the paperwork that is often time-consuming and labour-intensive.

What distinguishes accounting from bookkeeping?

There is often a common misconception that accounting and bookkeeping are interchangeable professions. This is not the case.

Both roles are vital for any business, particularly when they collaborate effectively. Bookkeeping primarily involves the meticulous recording of financial transactions, while accounting focuses on interpreting and analysing financial data.

A bookkeeper is responsible for ongoing tasks such as recording financial transactions, ensuring compliance, and handling necessary lodgments to maintain your business’s financial stability. On the other hand, your accountant plays a crucial role in scrutinising the data provided by your bookkeeper, aiming to minimise your tax liabilities and offering strategic recommendations. Accountants possess a deep understanding of tax laws and requirements, making them invaluable in this capacity.

Instead of viewing it as a “bookkeeper vs accountant” scenario, it’s essential to recognise that your accountant and bookkeeper complement each other in meeting your business’s financial needs. At Gascoyne Business Solutions, I prioritise close collaboration with the accountant of your choice to ensure a comprehensive financial service for your business.

Which bookkeeping software is recommended?

As a Xero Partner, I have a strong affinity with them. Nevertheless, I also support other software options like MYOB and Quickbooks Online. I firmly believe that the choice of bookkeeping software should be tailored to your specific business needs and circumstances.

To facilitate this, I extend a 30 minute complimentary consultation, designed precisely for this purpose. During this session, I take the time to comprehensively understand your business, enabling me to make a knowledgeable recommendation regarding the most suitable bookkeeping software for your unique requirements. Whether it’s Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks, or any other option, our goal is to ensure the perfect fit for your business.

What is the pricing structure for bookkeeping services?

Calculating the precise cost of bookkeeping services is challenging due to the substantial variations in business complexities and requirements. For instance, the bookkeeping needs of a sole trader greatly differ from those of a retailer with payroll obligations.

To provide you with an accurate cost estimate, I offer a complimentary 30-minute consultation. During this session, I delve into your specific business needs and objectives, which enables me to identify how I can contribute to the growth of your business effectively. Once I have a comprehensive understanding of your business and your expectations, I can engage in a discussion about a tailored package that aligns with your needs.